i-Clarity is the definitive practice management system. It facilitates up to the minute patient and business data allowing you the time to proactively enhance your patient journey and offer optimal customer service.


Optimising your practice productivity and taking your business to the next level is at the heart of the i-Clarity software design.


It’s the new approach to practice management – revolutionising independent practice.

i-Clarity continues to be developed to meet the changing needs of optometry practices. At i-Clarity we actively seek our customer input to ensure the system continues to meet those needs.

i-Clarity provides you with everything you need to run an effective customer focused business. With up to the minute data available anywhere in the practice you can be proactive about your patient care.

i-Clarity is available in different configurations and can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose the components you need and then add to them as your needs grow.

i-Clarity can be installed on unlimited PC’s and your practice database can be located on site or hosted in the Cloud. With easy switching between branchs, and the ability for multiple branches to share a single database over standard internet connections, it is the perfect choice for businesses with two or more branches

With accurate sales recording and built in reports, financial information can be quickly extracted from i-Clarity, and (optionally) intergrated with accounts packages such as Sage or Xero. Giving you more time with your customers and superior information on which to base your business development decisions.

i-Clarity is uniquely easy to learn and use – because it is designed to replicate a typical patient journey. ‘Staff love it, because every aspect is designed to automate routine jobs, such as printing GOS forms or completeing spectacle orders, and designed to make their lives easier.’

Patients are the heart of your business and i-Clarity makes communicating with them simple. Whether it is for a standard recall or for more focused marketing, i-Clarity makes it straight forward to implement complex communication strategies. And by using fully integrated technology such as SMS and email it can slash the cost of both standard reminders and new-business-generated marketing.

With this (optional) module your patients can respond to their reminders from their office desks or at home, out of hours, maximising you recall response

i-Clarity now makes the vision of a paperless practice a practical reality! With the ability to store scanned documents against each patient record, and a comprehensive, yet uniquely easy-to-use clinical records module, you can finally say goodbye to paper records, filing cabinets and manual filing.